New syllabus sheets to help you progress

Hi Everyone

Following feedback last term, I produced a series of syllabus sheets to help students understand how they are progressing towards their next national grade.

You can download the syllabus sheet for your grade here. Print your syllabus sheet, and attach it into your training notebook.

Every class, put your training notebook and pen on the stage or at the front of class, open to your current syllabus sheet. Put your syllabus handbook there, too (ensure your name is on it).

When your instructor teaches you a skill for your grade, they will date the appropriate box on your syllabus sheet. When you show you are getting good at it, they will date another box. When they think it is at national grading standard, they will date a third box.

Once you have three dates in every skill on your syllabus sheet, you may be ready to pregrade.

Sometimes during class, your instructor may give you one minute to write or draw a couple of notes in your notebook. Record the feedback you are given in your notebook. Also record cool things you learn. If you don’t have time during class, write your notes after class.

Remember that you should bring to every training session:

  • a drink bottle of water
  • your (clear) mouth guard
  • your free sparring gear (if you own it)
  • your syllabus handbook
  • your training notebook
  • a pen or pencil
  • a training towel.

Keep it all together in a bag, and bring the bag to every training session.

There is also a new page with information about grading requirements.¬†You can find these new pages on our website under “Members”.

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