We need help for the National Tournament

Hi Parents

Nationals is 15-16 July at the AMI Netball Centre in St Johns. We need to ensure we have many helpers as well as officials.
Who can help? Mums or dads of students or adult students who aren’t competing or officiating.
Please email Mr Hart, barry.hart@rocketmail.com.

We need:

  • 3-4 people to run the medals area
  • 3 people to help with power breaking, putting boards back together and altering the height of machines
  • 2 people as VIP helpers
  • 2-3 people as runners
  • 1 person dedicated to inputting info in computer.
Yellow belts and above, registrations close 7 July. Entry details are here, https://s26807.p651.sites.pressdns.com/news/register-national-tournament/.

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