Moving from Kubz to Kids

Hi Parents

Here are a couple of FAQs regarding moving from the Kubz class to the Kids’ class:

  • Does my child have to move as soon as he/she turns 6?
    No. Children move to the next class when they are ready, and when it works for their parents. This is usually when the child is about 6, but may be later.
  • Does my child need to finish the Kubz programme?
    No. Children can move to the kids’ programme without finishing the Kubz programme.
  • Do I have to buy a new uniform for my child as soon as he/she moves?
    No. Your child can train in the kids’ programme wearing a Kubz uniform. You can decide to buy a Taekwon-Do uniform when you are ready, which is usually when your child grows out of the Kubz uniform.
  • What about the belt?
    When a child moves to the kid’s programme, he/she moves up to a white belt. We can arrange a white belt for you for about $15, or you can buy one from a martial arts store. (Note that the belt should only wrap around the waist once. Many martial arts belts wrap twice.)
  • Is there a new syllabus book?
    Yes. The new syllabus book is $20.

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