Master Hutton seminars!

Hi Students and Instructors

Don’t miss these amazing courses with Master Hutton, 8th degree, from Scotland. Master Hutton is AMAZING, and you will have so much fun!

All events are at MMC, 198 Marua Rd, Ellerslie. Arrive early, because parking is limited, and late arrivals will have to walk further from nearby street parking.

A special class for Kubz!

Master Hutton developed the Kubz programme, and most of what I learned about teaching children is from him. Come along and join a very special Taekwon-Do Kubz class with this incredible Taekwon-Do Master. In this class, Master Hutton will demonstrate how to teach the Kubz programme to a group of students who are training to be Kubz instructors. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Course details are here. Saturday 14 April, come along before 1pm, and the special class will begin at 1pm. Wear your Kubz dobok, bring your book, and bring a drink bottle of water. This special class is FREE!

Master Hutton seminar for all grades and ranks

Train “fit for purpose”! Master Hutton is an inspiring Taekwon-Do Master who will teach an amazing, fun, brilliant class. Don’t miss it! Seminar details are here. Tuesday 17 April, 6:30-8:30pm – be early! Registration is essential – here.

The cost of this seminar is $35 ($65 for a family of 2, and $95 for a family of 3+).

This seminar is followed by dinner at Casablanca in Sylvia Park at 8pm. Optional, pay for your own meal.

If you teach children (or want to)

Don’t miss the Kubz Instructor course. Whether you teach Kubz, or older children, you will learn some amazing skills in this course. For example: class discipline, engaging children, activities for different purposes, communicating with children, and many others. Highly recommended for all red belts and above.

Course details are here. Registration is essential. Saturday 14 April, 9am-4pm. Be early. New instructors are $100, refresher courses $50. Talk with Master Banicevich.

There is dinner after the course and participants and club members are welcome to attend. I need to know by Tuesday 10 April. Gengis Khan, 317 Ti Rakau Dr, Burswood  – casual, from 6pm. (Pay for your own meal.)

Class instructors, Instructor Update Course

This course is a national requirement for all official instructors and assistant instructors – anyone who teaches a class. Our Taekwon-Do school will pay for your attendance; you must register here. Notify Master Banicevich when you are registered, or if you have any problems.

The course is Sunday 15 April, 10am-4pm. Our Taekwon-Do school will provide lunch.

The course will be taught by Master McPhail 8th degree, and Master Hutton 8th degree.

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