Let’s go to the World Cup in Sydney!

Every second year, the International Taekwon-Do Federation holds a World Cup – a tournament for blue belts and above over 12 years old from all over the world. On 25-30 September 2018, the World Cup will be held in Sydney! This is so close for us, so for most New Zealanders it will be the most accessible international tournament for YEARS.

Let’s go! http://itfworldcup2018.com/

You could compete. You could spectate (and have a holiday at the same time). It will be awesome! Patterns, free sparring, power test, special technique, pre-arranged free sparring, and team events. Watch NZ take on the world – or join them in competition!

New Zealand ranked 2nd overall at the recent World Championships in Dublin. Come to Sydney and find out why. You will also witness some incredible competitors from around the world in the black belt divisions, and meet some wonderful people.

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