Let’s get the blood pumping today!

Hi Everyone

In today’s class, we’ll have a workout. After joint rotations, do the series in this video three times – and get warm!

Then we’ll continue the workout with fundamental movements for green stripe.

While we’re focusing on green stripe, let’s do Do-San. Do Do-San five times, then practise three other patterns three times each. If you don’t know Do-San, work through all of your known patterns five times each. (With power – don’t rush.)

Thank you to our guest instructor, Master James Rimmer.

While we are in a green stripe mood, let’s practise three-step sparring alone for the green stripe syllabus. Whites and yellows can do the yellow stripe or yellow belt syllabus instead.

Keep the blood flowing with fundamental movements – one minute rounds with hand movements, and with kicks.

Now practise the principles of self-defence, part 1. In this part, we cover the first three principles, about position.

And warm down and stretch.


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