Kohi School starts well

On Monday 16 October, Dr Vall├Ęs, Mr Robson-Wright and Mr Stevens opened classes at Kohimarama School with about 15 new students and three BooSquad members.

Classes run Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm. White belts and yellow stripes finish at 7pm, and yellow and above continue until 7:30pm. The classes are targeted at 7-11 year olds, which is a challenging spread that includes two development groups.

Master Banicevich is presently teaching both classes. Mr Villiers will teach Thursdays when he returns from Europe in mid-November.

Seven of the students are continuing from Mr van de Vusse’s Hsou Jing Do classes.

Kohimarama School have every student a brochure and agreement in the last week of term 3, and we ran an ad in their school newsletter. We followed this up with another add and fleet for every student in the first week of term 4. The opening would have been even stronger with a demonstration at the school!

Members are welcome to train at any of our three venues, once or twice per week depending upon your agreement. To add additional classes to your schedule, contact Master Banicevich.

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