Kickstart 2018

Hi Parents and Students

  • All Taekwon-Do students under yellow belt – would you be interested in a 2-hour seminar for $20 that covers the entire syllabus up to yellow belt? Perhaps a Saturday afternoon in March.
  • All kids (including Kubz) – would you be interested in a fun tournament to get some experience before the tournament season begins? Perhaps a Saturday afternoon in March or April. Cost will be $10 per student, and all proceeds go to Glendowie students competing in the World Cup in Sydney in September.
  • As usual, gradings will be in the last week of each term for those who are eligible. Mini-kids gradings Monday night, and formal gradings Tuesday night, all at Churchill Park School. Dates are 9/10 April, 2/3 July, 24/25 September and 17/18 December.
  • Pregradings are two weeks before gradings in normal classes. These are the weeks of 26 March, 19 June, 10 September and 3 December. Remember that report sheets (available here)  are due during pregrading week – do not leave it until grading week.
  • How are you going on your 10,000 back kicks? Ensure you are keeping good records! Details are here.

A warm welcome to our new students! We have new Kubz, kids, and also some adults on our beginners’ course. If you see someone new in training, introduce yourself, and help them out!

Thank you to the instructing team who covered for me while I was away in Spain for my grading. You did a fantastic job, and I really appreciate it.

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