International Taekwon-Do seeks a volunteer IT adviser

Dear Parents and Students

As result of the IT Summit held late last year, the Board is pleased to advise that a new group will be formed – the IT Advisor Group. It is the IT equivalent of Tournaments or S&D, but in the operations space reporting to the CEO.

We are now seeking the lead role of this Group. Individual members are yet to be confirmed although likely, but not necessary to come out of the IT Summit – that will be the first task of the IT Advisor.

Applications are now open for the new role IT Advisor and close Friday 4th September 2020. This position is open to members, parents, and non-members – anyone willing and suitable for the role.

  • The IT Advisor is a volunteer position and will be appointed on a biannual basis, by the International Taekwon-Do CEO. The position is held by an IT professional and reports directly to the International Taekwon-Do CEO but interacts with the Advisory Panel and the International Taekwon-Do Board on a regular basis.
  • The IT Advisor does not necessarily hold a Taekwon-Do rank.
  • The IT Advisor will work alongside the International Taekwon-Do CEO, International Taekwon-Do Board, the International Taekwon-Do Advisory Panel and International Taekwon-Do Membership to ensure International Taekwon-Do’s IT Strategy is fit for purpose and takes advantage of modern IT facilities in order to meet International Taekwon-Do’s IT Vision.
  • The job description is available here.

We’re seeking to fill the role, ideally with someone currently engaged or has been engaged in a Chief Technology Officer or strategic IT position with a number of years of experience implementing change.

Applications, including a CV, should be sent to our Operations Manager, Shaun Tolley on by Friday 4th September 2020.

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