Instructors must keep learning, too

Hi everyone

As instructors, it is important that we keep learning and improving.

Last weekend, Dr Valles and I attended the annual seminar for 4th degrees and above, “Stripes 1 to 1”. Over the 24 hours, we covered lots of material:

  • Detail of our senior patterns
  • Creative warm up exercises
  • Using technology in Taekwon-Do classes
  • A beep test to measure fitness
  • First and second degree black belt patterns
  • Ideas for how to improve our organisation.

There are many activities during the year in our Taekwon-Do organisation, and some of them are designed to improve the skills of our instructors. Your instructors devote many hours to improving themselves over and above the time they spend teaching and administering classes – and you benefit.

Isn’t that awesome!

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