Instructor changes at Kohimarama School

Hi everyone

Mr Villiers has a fantastic opportunity to open his own workshop. Unfortunately this means that he must focus on building his business for a while, and he will be unable to teach our classes at Kohimarama School.

Mr Bayogan is stepping in to take over. Mr Bayogan is an experienced instructor who had been teaching various classes for us for a number of years – most recently Monday evenings at Glendowie Primary School. Mr Bayogan seeks the opportunity to develop his own cohort of students, and teaching both nights at Kohimarama School enables him to achieve this. It is fantastic to have such a safe and experienced instructor to continue developing these classes.

This leaves an opening on Monday evenings at Glendowie Primary School, which we will remedy very soon.

A huge thank you to Mr Villiers, who has been an awesome instructor for the time he has taught these classes – around two years (less a term or two he took off to throw axes). We wish Mr Villiers all the very best with his new business.

These new arrangements will begin at the beginning of March, so Kohimarama School students can say farewell to Mr Villiers this week.

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