IMPORTANT: term three pregradings, gradings and seminar

Hi parents and students

This post contains very important information about pregradings, gradings and an end of term seminar for term 3, 2015. Please read it carefully.

Pregrading and report sheets

Pregrading is this week (in classes starting 7 September. The usual report sheet is due this week (week 8) or next week (week 9). Please do not leave it until the grading date to complete your report sheet.

For information about gradings and who is eligible to grade, read the children’s process (2-pager) and the welcome document (4-pager).

All classes in the week of 14 September are in Churchill Park School

We cannot get the Glendowie Primary School hall on 14 and 16 September. Instead, the Glendowie Primary School class will train with Churchill Park School on 15 September 6pm-7pm, and 17 September 5pm-6pm. (If you can’t make 5pm, you can join the adults 6:15pm-7:15pm.)


Term three gradings are during regular classes as follows:

  • 6-8yos Monday 5-6pm, 21 September at Churchill Park School.
  • 6-8yos Tuesday 5-6pm, 22 September at Churchill Park School.
  • 8-12yos Monday 6-7pm, 21 September at Glendowie Primary School (those who usually train Wednesdays only will have to attend Monday, or Churchill Park on Tuesday).
  • 9-12yos Tuesday 6-7pm, 22 September at Churchill Park School (those who usually train Thursdays only will have to attend Tuesday, or Glendowie Primary on Monday).
  • adults Tuesday 7-8:30pm 22 September AND Thursday 6:15-7:45pm at Churchill Park School (you must attend BOTH days).
  • Kubz, Saturday 26 September 9:30-10:30am.

End of term seminar

Saturday 26 September
Churchill Park School

The purpose of this class is for each class to show all the other classes a little of what we do. Adults can see the children’s classes, and our Awesome Kubz! Children, watch the adults perform some cool senior grade Taekwon-Do.

Master Banicevich may even perform Tong-Il – the 24th of our 24 patterns! (If you train really well.)

We’ll have a school photograph, and grading results will be awarded!

We’ll also work on some adult safety and self-defence against adults.

We’d love a BIG turnout, so book it into your diary.

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