IMPORTANT grading details

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Ensure you click the link on your email and read this post carefully – it includes very important grading information!

“Am I grading?”

  1. To be eligible to grade, students must have attended sufficient sessions, must pass their pregrading, and must display appropriate behaviour. (For mini-kids, this is largely about attendance. For formal grades, this means meeting the national standard for each grade.)
  2. Students in kids classes must also bring a completed report sheet BEFORE grading week. The report sheet is here.
  3. I will send grading invoices on Saturday 3 December. Students who receive an invoice in their own name know that they are grading. Class instructors will give students feedback. Students who do not receive an invoice are not ready to grade. Email me if you have any concerns or questions.
  4. Grading fees are due the week before grading. We cannot issue grading results to a student with unpaid grading fees, so please pay promptly.

Grading details

  1. There are two types of gradings: formal gradings, and mini-kids’ gradings. See more information in our welcome document, which is here. Please read this carefully, because grading times will differ from in the past.
  2. Those grading for a formal grade (yellow stripe, yellow belt and above), your grading will be at Churchill Park School on Thursday 15 December, starting at 6:15pm. Arrive and warm up by 6pm.
  3. Those grading for mini-kids grades, you have two options for your grading:
    1. Monday 12 December at Churchill Park School, 6-7:15pm.
    2. Thursday 15 December at Churchill Park School, 6:15-7:15pm (arrive 6pm).

Kubz grading

The Kubz grading will be held on Saturday 17 December at Churchill Park School, 9:30-11am (both classes combined). There is no pregrading for Kubz. I decide who to put up for grading based on age and attendance.

Good luck everyone!

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