Important administration to read

Dear Parents and Students

This is a timely reminder about important school administration. Please read it carefully.

Ensure that you read the agreement you signed to join the school. It outlines your rights and obligations as a member, and the terms are only two pages. You can find our membership agreement here.

  • Please read our weekly update. I try to keep these short to minimise my impact on your time. They contain important information. Ensure you click the link in the email to read the entire post.
  • We have important information for our members on our website: class times, event calendar, information about gradings, etc. Please review it.

Occasionally a parent contacts me who is unhappy with something that happened in class or our programme. Please email me if you are unhappy so I can act to resolve issues. We recently implemented a welcome email for new students following feedback from a parent.

Sometimes a parent’s displeasure would be avoided if they read their email regularly. Unfortunately I currently have a parent threatening to undermine our classes by sharing their displeasure with anyone who will listen. Please be aware.

Our partial grading trial is progressing, and I must discuss progress with our Technical Director. It appears that the ideal ages for partial gradings are 12 and under, so they include all of our children’s classes. Note that this differs from what the kids syllabus book contains. I would love to hear your views on the partial grading system.

I look forward to your feedback.

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