Home tasks for children

Hi Parents

We are implementing an excellent part of the Kubz programme into our children’s classes: home tasks.

Instructors will end classes five minutes before the hour. Then, at the end of each session children line up before the instructor with their parent and their syllabus book (white belts and yellow stripes) or training notebook (yellow belts and above).

The instructor will ask you for something that you want your child to work on at home (usually something unrelated to Taekwon-Do). Perhaps making their beds, tidying their rooms, eating their vegetables, or coming immediately when you call them. The instructor will write that into the margin on the syllabus book, and stamp the book for attendance.

The following week, the instructor will ask your child, and then you, how they are progressing with the task. When you are ready, you can change it for a new task that the instructor can write into the book. The number of stamps will give you a reasonable idea of how your child is progressing towards their next partial grading. We expect a minimum of 7 below yellow stripe, and a minimum of 12 for yellow stripes.

We are presently redeveloping the children’s syllabus book, and the new version will have space specifically to perform this activity.┬áThe revised syllabus will require a minimum of 10 stamps/classes for all partial grades.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

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