Headgear for free sparring

Headgear reduces the risk of concussion if an accident happens during free sparring. Often the greatest risk is when a student hits his or her head on the floor.

We haven’t really pushed headgear, because it is quite expensive, and we try to reduce the risk by reducing the intensity of our free sparring in class. We do recommend that students own headgear. As our free sparring level improves, the intensity of our free sparring in class will increase.

  • At the time of writing, headgear from MightyFist costs $149 each, or $269 for both red and blue;
  • In a tournament, the red competitor must wear red headgear, and the blue competitor must wear blue headgear;
  • Usually the region provides headgear for regional tournaments;
  • It is compulsory for our students to enter one tournament per year, or they don’t get to grade at the end of term 2;
  • We recommend that students buy headgear – either red and blue, or cooperate with another student/friend of similar head size and buy one colour each;
  • I get headgear at the same price as the MightyFist website, but I can get it without shipping fees (saving you a small amount).

Gloves and boots

We recommend black vinyl sparring gloves and boots from MightyFist for $140 per set (at time of writing). Competitors who aim to compete internationally will be required to have both red and blue gloves and boots (leather or polyurethane). You can buy these directly, or if I buy them for you, you will save shipping costs.


Every student must bring a mouthguard to every training session. For tournaments, the mouthguard must be clear. I have children’s clear mouthguards for $10ea, and I can get adult ones at the same price.


Kubz students do not need free sparring equipment, because they do not free spar in our classes.

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