Happy Easter – time to train!

Hi Everyone

It is Easter. To celebrate, we posted specialised classes for all grades from white belt to red stripe (seniors, choose one, or do them all). These classes all have the same structure, and use earlier videos for warming up and warming down. Train hard, and have fun! Find them on our COVID-19 page.

Thank you to everyone who paid fees for April – it helps us immensely to cover our costs. Any further contributions will be gratefully accepted. Just over half of our members have contributed, including over 40 who paid full fees and received copies of the self-defence handbook and pattern workout book. Hopefully the lockdown won’t extend into May, but we’ll have to wait and see. If your own income losses due to COVID-19 are causing you to struggle, we don’t want to make your struggles worse!

Oh – note that on our COVID-19 page we also have some great resources to help keep children occupied – fun (written) activities related to Taekwon-Do. For adults, there are some great pages summarising key Taekwon-Do themes, too. Enjoy! (A huge thank you to Mrs Pygott, Mr Pilcher and Master Raukura for sharing these resources.)

Remember to post videos or photos of your training on our Facebook page and to our Facebook group! Please like and follow our page, and join our group! Miss Bavin also has us on Instagram!

Keep safe everyone. I hope you are enjoying your time at home. As well as doing my day job from home, recording our training videos, and board meetings for ITFNZ and the ITF, I’m enjoying evenings and weekends with my family – and board games!

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