A great turnout at the Regional Tournament

AN Regionals 2016 Glendowie 2

Hi everyone

I am very proud of our turnout at the Auckland North Regionals today. Congratulations to everyone for participating! We were the second biggest club there, with 34 competitors, and we came second overall! Next year, let’s have even more competitors, and take out that first place trophy!

A huge thank you to our coaches for all their support of our competitors. I won’t have everyone, but I can start with Josh Sain, Carlo Bayogan, Hamish Robson-Wright, Rob Harradine, Rob Bavin, Cameron McGeorge, Corban McDonald – I apologise for those I missed.

A huge thank you to parents for coming along to support, and for your ongoing support of your child(ren)’s Taekwon-Do experience.

Some of you had some hard bouts, where the contact was heavy. I am proud of you for hanging in there and giving it your best. It isn’t always like that.

Well done to everyone who medalled, and to Miss Bella Bavin who tied for best overall blue belt!

Let’s continue working on these skills. We’ll overcome our fears, and we’ll be awesome!


Master Banicevich.

Thank you to Lola Madgwick’s Mum and Dad for these photos.¬†Why so serious? The day was great fun!

AN Regionals 2016 Glendowie 4c

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