Gradings are the week of Monday 3 July

Hi Parents and Students

Grading invoices will be sent out next weekend (after pregrading), and those who receive invoices are invited to grade.

Remember all students must have entered the Regional Tournament or another tournament this year to be eligible to grade. If you entered a tournament other than the Regional Tournament, or you will enter the Peewee Tournament on Sunday 2 July, email me, so I know to consider you for grading if you are eligible.

Gradings details:

  • Mini-grades ($20 invoice), Monday 3rd or Tuesday 4th July 6-7pm, Churchill Park School
  • Formal grades, Monday 3rd or Tuesday 4th July 7-8pm, Churchill Park School (seniors to 8:30pm)
  • Kubz, Saturday 8th July, 9:30am, Churchill Park School

All students, please ask your class instructor for feedback after class this week so you know on what to work.

Regular classes run for those who are not grading, except the Tuesday 6-7pm class (9-12yos please use an alternative class). Young students are welcome to do only the grading, or regular class at 5pm and then grading at 6pm, at their option.

Remember that an invitation to grade is not a guarantee to pass. Work hard. Practise everything.

Mini-grade results are given on grading day. Formal grade results are awarded during the school holidays.

Children who are yellow belts and above, it will take a few terms before you are ready for each grading now. Our children’s syllabus stops at yellow belt, and you must reach the national standard to be ready for your next grading. This might take two or three terms – sometimes longer. Please remember that if you are trying hard, you ARE improving. Keep it up, and you will get to the required level with practice.


Master Banicevich.

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