Gradings are next week – IMPORTANT DETAILS

Hi Parents and Students

Grading invoices were sent yesterday (Monday 26 June).

  • If you received an invoice, you are invited to grade this term.
  • If you did not receive an invoice, we ask you to work hard and be ready to grade next term.

Grading details:

  • Mini-grades ($20 invoice), Monday 3rd or Tuesday 4th July 6-7pm, Churchill Park School
  • Formal grades, Monday 3rd or Tuesday 4th July 7-8pm, Churchill Park School (seniors to 8:30pm; blue belts and above attend both days)
  • Kubz, Saturday 8th July, 9:30am, Churchill Park School.

An invitation to grade is not a guarantee of success. You must perform to the required standard at the grading, and students who do not will be unsuccessful. Some students are borderline, and will pass if they perform at their best, and will not pass if they do not.

The ability to grade remains conditional on the following:

  • Attending and completing the grading to the required standard
  • (Under 13s) submitting a completed report sheet with all grades fair or better
  • (For those who did not compete in the regional tournament) competing in the peewee tournament on 2 July, or for seniors, competing in the national tournament
  • Paying the grading fee this week, and other training fees by 1 July
  • Satisfactory knowledge of Taekwon-Do theory for your grade and below
  • A positive attitude and good manners.

Reasons a student may not be invited to grade – if you have questions or concerns, please email me:

  • Insufficient sessions since last grading
  • Did not attend a tournament this year
  • Has not reached the level required for the next grade.

Good luck, and train hard!


Master Banicevich.


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