Grading is Thursday 26 September for all grades

Hi Everyone

  • Churchill Park School is unavailable Tuesday 24 September;
  • Grading for all grades is on Thursday 26 September.

Churchill Park have their school production on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 September, so we cannot get the hall on Tuesday 24 September.

  • Mr McGeorge’s children’s class can train Monday 5-6pm at Churchill Park School with Miss Bavin, or Monday 6-7pm at Kohimarama School with Mr Villiers.
  • Master Banicevich’s intermediate class (6-7pm) can train Monday 7-8pm at Kohimarama School with Mr Villiers.
  • Master Banicevich’s adult class can train Monday and Wednesday 6:00-7:30pm at Glendowie School with Master Banicevich.

The end of term grading will be at Churchill Park School on Thursday 26 September, from 6pm. We aim to finish with the youngest students by 7:30pm, and older students and senior grades will finish by 9pm. (This does not impact Taekwon-Do Kubz – your grading is Saturday 28 September, 9-11am.)

Grading invoices will be sent out on Sunday 15 September, following pregrading week (in regular classes 9-15 September).

Those who are not grading can train at Kohimarama School on Thursday 26 September. Children under 9, 6-7pm; all other students, 7-8pm.

None of our three venues are available on Tuesday 24 September, so we will not have classes that day.

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