Grading results

Hi everyone

Formal grading results will be available for students at training from the first week of the holidays.

Master Bhana gave us some very useful general feedback:

  • We need to work on basic stances. Most students aren’t finishing their stances to make them solid.
  • We need to work on sine wave and movement. Sine wave is a natural, relaxed movement that results in the body moving down, then up, then down, as you move forward or backward. As you step forward or backward, your foot curves naturally in, then out again to complete your stance.
  • We talk about crossing in front of the “opposite chest” – not the middle of the chest. If you are blocking to the right, cross in front of the left badge on your chest, and vice versa.

Instructors will work on these three areas with you next term.


Master Banicevich.

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