Grading is only two weeks away!

Hi everyone

Grading is only two weeks away – I sent grading invoices out today. Students who received an invoice are invited to grade during grading week. Before that, please:

  • complete and return the {report sheet}┬áthis week (children’s classes; Kubz have pages for the parents and teachers to sign at the back of the book)
  • come to class this week prepared to sit a theory test – students must pass to grade (formal grades only, not mini-kids grades)
  • pay the grading fee this week
  • practise everything in your syllabus and below – hard!

Please note that grading is a test. Students must perform at their best on the day to pass their grading. An invitation to grade is not a guarantee of passing – it is up to you!

Grading results will be awarded at our {end of year barbeque}. If you can’t make it, you will receive your result at your {first class next year}.

There is information about our grading system on our {website}, and in the {welcome document}. If you have additional questions, please email me.

Train and study hard, and good luck! Remember:

train hard, grading easy – train easy, grading hard


Master Banicevich.

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