Grading Monday 4 July at Churchill Park

Hi everyone

I sent grading invoices out on Saturday. Every student who received an invoice is invited to grade on Monday 4 July (or Tuesday 5 July with special permission).

Where: Churchill Park School
Time: under 9yo 5-7pm, 9yo-12yo 6-8pm, 13yo+ 6-8:30pm (arrive 10mins early)
Prepare: practise hard and be good at all of your material (including knowing your theory)
KUBZ grading is on Saturday 2 July at Churchill Park School, 9am-10:30am.

  • Grading¬†fees must be paid before¬†Thursday 30 June.
  • Under 13yos must also supply a satisfactory report sheet the week before the grading, available from the hyperlink on the page linked here.
  • Those grading for formal grades will have their theory tested this week during class.
  • Those arriving for a 6pm start, arrive quietly and warm up down the back.
  • If you are unsure whether you are grading, you are welcome to email me.
  • Students who are not grading should still attend the combined grading on Monday 4 July.

Children under 13, if your invoice is for $20, then you are grading for an informal grade (eg, first green, first blue, double yellow stripe). If your grading is for a higher amount, you are grading for a formal grade (eg, yellow stripe, yellow belt). A summary of grading fees is here, and you can learn about how grades work in our welcome document here.


Master Banicevich.

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