Grading invoices are out

Hi Parents and Students

Grading invoices were sent out on Sunday 21 June. Congratulations to those who are invited to grade. If you are not invited to grade this term, ask your instructor for feedback about what to do to be ready to grade next term. Remember that if you are training hard, you are improving – keep it up!

Grading details

There are three grading dates. Ensure you attend the correct grading. All gradings this term are at Churchill Park School.

  • Monday 29 June, 6-8pm, for those below yellow belt;
  • Thursday 2 July, 6:00-8:30pm, for those yellow belt and above;
  • Saturday 4 July, 9:00-10:45am, for Taekwon-Do Kubz.

Unfortunately we are unable to grade students on an alternative date this term, so please rearrange your calendar to attend your grading date. (Students in most of the country can never grade on alternative dates – grading date is grading date.)

Preparing for grading

Ensure you read your grading invitation very carefully – it contains important information about preparing for grading:

  • Practise all of the syllabus for your grade and below;
  • Learn all of your theory for your grade and below;
  • Under 13s, ensure you have submitted a completed report sheet (available here);
  • Bring your completed syllabus handbook and training notebook, so they can be reviewed;
  • Ensure all of your training fees and grading fees are paid by 26 June 2020.

Practise hard, and be ready!

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