Grading 20 September at Churchill Park School

Hi Parents and Students

  • If you received an invoice on Saturday, then the student named in the invoice is invited to grade.
  • All students are combined into one grading with Master Mahesh Bhana on Tuesday 20 September.
  • Young students, your grading is 5-7pm. Those 9yo+, your grading is 6-8:30pm. Arrive quietly and prepared.
  • I sent email to parents/students who have sufficient sessions, but are not yet ready to grade.
  • If you received no invoice or email, then the student has not attended enough sessions since last grading to be eligible (24 sessions below blue belt, 32 sessions from blue belt).
  • Ensure you know your theory. It will be tested this week.
  • Under 13s, your report sheet is due this week at the latest. I must have completed reports BEFORE grading day. Download the report sheet here.
  • An invitation to grade is not a guarantee that you will pass. If you do your very best and perform well, you should pass. If you do not perform at your best, you may not pass.
  • If you have any questions about grading fees, the answers are here.

Good luck. Practise hard, and make sure you know and practise all material from your syllabus and below!

Master Banicevich.

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