Free school holiday programme

Hi parents

Bring a friend. Bring a bunch of friends. And have fun!

Once again we will run our kids’ classes as a free school holiday programme during the school holidays:

  • underĀ 8yos, Mondays 11th and 18th July, and Tuesdays 12th and 19th July, 5-6pm, at Churchill Park School.
  • 8-12yos,
    • Mondays 11th and 18th July, and Wednesdays 13th and 20th July, 6-7pm, at Glendowie Primary School.
    • Tuesdays 12th and 18th July 6-7pm, and Thursdays 14th and 21st July 5-6pm, at Churchill Park School.

We will run these sessions as ‘bring-a-friend’ nights. Class instructors will ask visitors to record their contact details. We ask parents of visitors to accompany their children.

Kubz are invited to join the under 8yo classes on Mondays and/or Tuesdays.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Mark (Master Banicevich).

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