Fees are due regardless of attendance

Dear Parents and Students

Recently we’ve received a handful of email from parents who said, “my child didn’t train this month, so I didn’t pay fees.” As with other activities, you signed a contract, and fees are due whether or not you attend.

Almost all parents and students pay their fees on time. If you will be away for longer than a month and notify us in advance, it may be possible to put your fees on hold. We also asked you to contact us if you have financial difficulty during COVID-19, and we can waive fees for the month.

During this COVID-19 event, we waived fees in April, and we charged half fees in May. During both months, we offered classes virtually. Whether you chose to attend those classes is up to you, but fees remain due regardless. We charged half a month of fees over these two months, which we believe is very fair. Many parents and students continued to pay full fees during this time to support us, for which we are extremely grateful (and we have your thank you gift to give you next week). We are confused by the handful of people who are now emailing us to say, “we choose not to pay fees”.

  • Do you ask for a refund if you don’t attend a piano lesson?
  • Do you contact the soccer club and ask them to return a month of your season subscriptions if you chose not to attend for a month?
  • Do you ask for your money back if you miss a month of Scouts?

The only difference with us is that you pay monthly, rather than the term or year in advance. (Although some do pay the year in advance.) The agreement we signed together is very clear. We complete our obligations under the agreement, and we expect you to do the same. A copy of our agreement is available here for you to read.

Please also note that we have a one-month notice period to terminate the agreement. That means all fees already due, and fees for one final month, will be payable upon termination.

Thank you.

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