Everyone enter these two tournaments!

Hi Parents and Students

Tournaments are the most fun with a big group of friends competing together. That way we can cheer each other on, and look after each other.

Peewee tournament

Peewee tournaments are brilliant events for children under 12. They are low pressure, designed to build a child’s confidence. As with all tournaments, children compete with other children of a similar age and grade, insofar as numbers allow. To enter, pay-on-the-day (no online registration). Click the link above for more information.

If you have further questions, ask your class instructor (eg, safety equipment required). We need senior students to attend these tournament to umpire, coach and help – please support our school.

Unfortunately many of our instructors must attend a first aid course the same day (we are required to attend one every two years). Instructors will train parents for tournaments in class during the school holidays.


Auckland Regionals

Let’s get as many of our students along to this as possible. If you aren’t able to enter, come along to support, or to help. It is at AMI Stadium in St Johns, very close to us, so we have no excuse not to be there!

All students can enter this tournament. You compete against other students of similar age and rank, and umpires are there to keep you safe.

Online registration is not yet available, so check the link above each week until it is available.

We have one of the largest clubs in the country, and if we all entered this tournament, we might come home with a big club trophy!

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