Enter the Regional Tournament – everyone!

Hi everyone

  • As last year, the Regional Tournament is compulsory for all students (almost);
  • Sunday 23rd June 2019, 8:30am-4:30pm (approx);
  • The Trust Arena, 65-67 Central Park Drive Henderson;
  • Students who do not compete in a tournament this term will not be permitted to grade at the end of the term;
  • Register here (check your membership card for your name as on the database) before noon, Saturday 15 June.

Why is it compulsory?

Tournaments are an important part of a student’s progression in Taekwon-Do. History has shown us that the best way to ensure our students take the opportunity to compete, is by allowing students to grade in term 2 only if they compete in the tournament. Therefore, the regional tournament is compulsory for all students except Kubz, and we encourage Kubz, too. (Those who cannot make the tournament on 23 June can try to find another tournament on the national calendar. However, there may not be senior and club support at other tournaments, and they may be out of Auckland.)

What events do I do?

If anyone is particularly nervous about competition, talk to your instructor. We need lots of helpers at the tournament, too.

  • All students should compete in patterns.
  • All children,
    • white belts and above 8yrs and under should compete in power test – hitting a pad;
    • yellow belt and above should compete in free sparring and special technique;
    • power test is optional for blue belts and above – read this FAQ carefully and ensure your parents are happy (they will be hitting rebreakable boards).
  • Adults can choose which other events they want to compete in – challenge yourselves!
  • Red belts and above can choose whether to coach our juniors, or compete and coach.
  • The tournament is optional for Kubz, but recommended, because it will be loads of fun (or come along to watch).
  • Qualified umpires can choose whether to umpire, coach our juniors, or compete and coach.
  • Parents, we’ll need your help to know when our students are competing, to ensure they are at the right ring at the right time, and to help our students cheer for each other.

Important information

There is important information about the tournament in this FAQ document. Ask the class instructor if there is anything in your children’s events that they don’t know.

This term we will do more tournament training to prepare for the event, so ensure you are bringing your sparring gear, mouth guard and (boys) groin guard to every session.

Where can I buy free sparring gear?

Anyone who wants to buy sparring gear, email Master Banicevich. Sparring gear can be arranged for $140 per set (gloves and boots). I also have children’s clear mouth guards for $10.

Awesome extra training with a World Champion

As well as our own monthly free sparring sessions with Mr Villiers (which are awesome and not to be missed), Miss Bianca Koper is offering free tournament training sessions on Sundays, when we don’t have combined regional training (see our calendar). Details are:


Master Banicevich.

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