Enter the Regional Tournament before Friday 13 May

Hi everyone

Entries for the Regional Tournament close Friday 13 May. The tournament has events for every student; and it is just around the corner at AMI Netball Centre in Stonefields.

Our regional team posted an FAQ about the tournament and events that you should read here: link to page.

We have one of the biggest clubs in New Zealand. Let’s show it with a huge turnout of great people spring each other!


Master Banicevich.

Notes and a call for your help from the tournament organiser:

Dear Instructors
A quick reminder that entries close midnight 13th May. Remember that the AN cell voted that no late entries would be accepted so make sure your students enter early so if there is any problems with their registration you will have some time to ask Mrs Pygott politely to help you.
Also please remind those that are qualified to sign up as early as possible as officials as this helps us to plan the draw. It is a tournament requirement that you should supply one official per 10 students. The reality is we actually need 1 official per 5 competitors.
Volunteers (this includes parents) needed to help set up and pack down. Also any one interested in helping to running a tournament or helping to run a tournament please contact contact Mr Greig or myself.
Kevin Joe

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