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Hi everyone

For those interested in entering the National Tournament (Wellington, 14-15 July) or the ITF World Cup (Sydney, 25-30 September), read this email carefully.

Online information about the tournaments:

Information from the Auckland North Manager, Mr Ash Datt (datt.ashwini@gmail.com) is below.

About the National Tournament:

Registrations for the National Tournament are now open. Mr Blackwell kindly created a custom form for Auckland North, so it is easy to enter details online.

Please remember the waiver form. We will contact your instructor about photo requirements.

National Tournament rules are available here, http://www.members.itkd.co.nz/reference/documents/tournament/iTKD%20National%20Tournament%20Rules%202018.pdf. Read them carefully.

About the World Cup:

Coloured belt students who wish to compete at the tournament need to apply for an ITF number. This number is required for registration. It is NOT the NZ membership number they would normally use. Obtain an ITF number here: http://members.itkd.co.nz/events/register/apply-itf-id.php

Managers are not organising accommodation, flights or transport. This is being left up to each individual to organise for themselves. For information regarding this, refer to: https://www.facebook.com/NZTKDTEAM2017/

We created cloud storage for each of you to access, complete and upload the forms for competitors, coaches and supporters. This minimises the email trail and provides for quick updates. Any problems, contact the team manager, Mr Datt.

Please send through following details:

  • Club name (Glendowie)
  • You will be part of the Auckland North team
  • Your contact details as the key contact person about your registration.

Some important details and reminders about registration and payment:

  • 25th July is the deadline for 50% deposit on team and competitor entries. Deposits to be made into the Auckland North account 12 3136 0225528 00. Include your name and “Glendowie”.
  • 25th July deadline for submitting accommodation forms and making 50% deposit (if booking through ITF).
  • 1st September is the deadline for adding or changing participants.

The World Cup rules are available here, http://www.taekwondoitf.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/2016-World-Cup-Rules-Mar-22.pdf. Read them very carefully.

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