Easter class for 10th gup white belts

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This post has two variants, both with classes for white belt (10th gup). The first variant is one video with a full one-hour class that covers the entire white belt syllabus. Below this video, is a series of shorter videos for each element of the white belt syllabus. Choose your preference.

Download the white belt syllabus sheet here.

If you prefer, watch separate videos of each part of the syllabus:

  • Warm up, 10 minutes;
  • Fundamental movements, 20 minutes;
  • Four direction punch and four direction block, 20 minutes;
  • Step sparring (not required at white belt), 20 minutes;
  • Warm down and stretch, 20 minutes.

You can do any of these classes up to your current grade, so red stripes and above have eight available classes here!

Warm up – we have used this joint rotations and dynamic leg stretches video before, so if you know it, just get into it.

This video covers fundamental movements for this grade. Practise for 20 minutes. Perform each movement many times, initially to get the technique correct, then add power.

Now practise the fundamental exercises for this grade (four-direction punch and four-direction block). Perform the pattern at least 6 times, trying to get better each time. Take difficult sequences out and practise them separately, then return to the pattern. Work on stances, sine wave, crossing, trajectories, finished positions, and power. Focus on one of these elements each time you do the pattern, and then put them all together at the end. Remember that you should start and finish on the same spot. (You do not need to know Chon-Ji.)

4 Direction Punch and Block

Let’s work on step sparring alone. This is not required until 9th gup, but you can start now. Practise each sequence 6-10 times, trying to get better each time. Use you syllabus handbook to remind you of each sequence. After you feel good about each sequence, put them all together, and repeat them all 4-6 times. Become familiar. Work hard.

And finally, warm down and stretch.

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