Don’t miss the senior dan grading!

Hi parents and students

  • Saturday 3 February, 2-4pm
  • MMC 196 Marua Rd Ellerslie
  • Black belt grading for 4th-6th dan

Around the time that Master Banicevichreen and I will be attempting 7th dan in Spain, eight of our country’s seniors will be attempting to grade to their next black belt degree.

This is a fantastic event to watch, and the last 2 hours, 2-4pm, are open to spectators. Don’t miss it.

Those grading include:

  • Mr Richard Iotua, Otahuhu instructor. Mr Iotua graded to 4th dan when I graded to 6th. He did the most amazing power break with a turning kick. It was so fast, as if performed with the front leg!
  • Master Banicevichrett Kimberley, Maraitai instructor. Mr Kimberley’s flying kicks are fantastic!
  • Mr Hung Nguyen, Royal Oak instructor. Mr Nguyen was in the Vietnamese military, and I love watching his self-defence. He is also one of our practitioners who demonstrates that the other side of youth is no excuse not too train!

Full details are here,

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