Do you need a new syllabus book after grading?

Hi everyone

Congratulations to everyone who graded last term.

  • Yellow belts and green belts will require a new syllabus handbook (see below);
  • Green belts and above should own free sparring equipment (see below).

Now is time to check whether you have the correct syllabus books to help you with your Taekwon-Do journey. All books shown below are $20ea, and are available from Master Banicevich.

Once you attain yellow belt, you should buy the coloured belt syllabus handbook, kids or adults version.

Coloured belt syllabus for kids

Coloured belt techniques syllabus for adults

Yellow belts should also own the self-defence coloured belt syllabus handbook. This contains important information on both the theory and psychology of self-defence, and the physical techniques required for all coloured belt grades.

Self-defence coloured belt syllabus handbook

Green belts should own the pattern workout book. This describes every movement in every pattern – stepping, stance, technique, height.

Pattern workout book

Red belts should own the black belt techniques syllabus handbook. It is time to start thinking about your black belt grading, and this book describes all of the requirements for black belt levels.

Black belt syllabus handbook

Enjoy the journey! Read the books!

Green belts and above also need their own free sparring gear. Black vinyl gloves and boots are available from Master Banicevich for $140 (both together).

Note: when you join, you receive a book that covers you to yellow belt – the children’s book or the senior book.

Children’s syllabus to yellow belt

Senior syllabus book to yellow belt

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