COVID-19, keeping our students safe

Dear Parents and Students

We are watching the COVID-19 threat very closely. Presently all classes continue with the following additional protections:

  • All students must wash their hands thoroughly before and after training;
  • All students must bring a clean towel to training to wipe sweat from their hands and faces;
  • Students will not shake hands during class, they will bow to each other only;
  • Students will not perform exercises that involve touching each others’ faces;
  • After each class, students will be asked to wipe any pads used with disposable cloths and disinfectant.

If your children (or someone in your family) have cold or flu symptoms, please keep them home until they have recovered.

We will maintain contact with our venues, and if schools are closed, we will decide whether classes will be placed on hold.

All of our classes number under 30, and we are able to mitigate our risks with these precautions.

We planned to host a small tournament for our junior students to practise their skills. Those plans are presently on hold, and we may revisit the idea later in the year.

Keep safe.

Master Mark Banicevich.

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