Courtesy around other classes

Hi Parents and Instructors

Please ensure that your children/students follow these rules. They are for safety, as well as courtesy. (You will probably find them obvious, but…)

  • Be quiet when a class is in progress. Students need to hear the instructor. (Remember that you should not make unnecessary noise in the dojang anyway!)
  • Do not walk or run through a class. Go around it.
  • When you finish your class, take your belongings away from the training area quickly, so the next class can begin. (This is particularly important after the 5pm class in Churchill Park, when chairs must be moved to the back of the hall.)

Existing students, your role as seniors is to ensure new students know and follow the rules. In Taekwon-Do culture, the senior’s role is to politely guide his/her juniors.

The new white belt manual has more complete class rules on pages 9 and 10.

The old syllabus handbook has dojang rules in the theory areas of yellow belt, green stripe, and green belt.

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