Congratulations to our gradees!

Hi everyone

Congratulations to our gradees for an excellent effort last weekend. I’m very proud of all of you. After working together for a number of years, you are all good friends as well as students, and helping you attain black belt is one of my proudest moments as an instructor.

Mr Forder, you are an excellent Taekwon-Doin, both technically and morally. Your A pass to 3rd degree is well deserved. Thank you Mr van Heerden for partnering Mr Forder.

Mr Wilson, I’m very happy you passed to 1st degree – especially given your departure on Monday! Keep us abreast of your travels (the G-rated stuff for the website or Facebook), and train wherever you go. There is no better way to meet local people than to train at a local dojang – I’ve had amazing experiences and made great friends that way. And you learn some great Taekwon-Do, too!

Mr Dunningham, you are a wonderful person to have in our school, and I’m proud of your achievements. We’ll get that one extra mark, and knock this b off.


Master Banicevich.

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