Compete in a global eTournament!

Hello Yellow Belts and above

The Canadian Taekwon-Do Federation International are organising a global eTournament for patterns and pre-arranged free sparring, and it is open to you!

What a great opportunity to complete in an international tournament, at a very low cost! (Only Canadian $35, about NZ$40, paid via PayPal.)

I would love to get as many of our yellow belts and above entering this tournament – what a fantastic experience! Here are the complete details: INVITATION – 2021 Nov All North Amer & Caribb eTournament Invitation V3.

You will need a coach, so email Master Banicevich to help you arrange one from among our class instructors and senior students. (It will give them valuable credit points for grading.)

What: 2021 All North American and Caribbean Taekwon-Do Open eTournament.

Who: All ITF-affiliated schools and practitioners anywhere in the world. All ranks, ages 6 and up.

When: Friday November 26 – Sunday December 12, 2021.

Where: Online only

Registration fee: Individual or Team categories CAD$35 each.

Hosted By: Canadian Taekwon-Do Federation International
Tournament Director: Master Kevin Reinelt – CTFI Tournament Director

Registration: All registration will be on-line by Internet through SportData

Registration Deadline: Friday November 12, 2021 at 23:00 UTC / 17:00 Canadian Central Standard Time.

Events: This championship will offer the following events:

  1. Individual Patterns for Coloured Belt and Black Belt.
  2. Adapted Taekwon-Do demonstrations (solo or accompanied) for any rank. Full details below.
  3. Pre-Arranged Sparring for Coloured Belt and Black Belt pairs.
  4. Team Patterns for Coloured Belt and Black Belt teams.

Entry Fee: Entry fee for each individual competitor and/or each team is CAD$35. Adapted Taekwon-Do Category is $FREE. All payments must be made via Paypal where you will also have the choice to use your credit card if you do not have a Paypal account.

For full details, read this document: INVITATION – 2021 Nov All North Amer & Caribb eTournament Invitation V3.

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