A class for adult and teen beginners

Hi Everyone

We’ve had a few parents join in with their children, and ask for a beginners class for adults, so here you are! This class will be a great refresher for existing students, too – working on basic stances and sine wave, front punches and forearm low blocks, and front snap kicks.

Children, you can do this class with Mum and Dad, and help them with some of the basic movements.

We’ll start by rotating our major joints to prepare them, and some gentle leg raises.

Then we’ll warm up the muscles with a few minutes of basic exercises.

In this section, we practise attention stance, parallel stance and walking stance. Use some removable tape to make some train tracks on your floor about one shoulder width apart.

Now we’ll learn how to make a fist, then perform parallel stance punch and walking stance punch – middle, high and low.

Technical punches are great to learn about stability and how to develop power. Now let’s adjust them to make them more suitable for free sparring, and work on some simple movement.

Let’s return to technical stuff, and learn our first basic block – the forearm low block.

Now we know enough to learn four-direction punch, saju jirugi.

We can’t do our first class without learning a kick. The first basic attacking kick we learn is front snap kick.

And now let’s warm down and stretch. I hope you enjoyed the class! Please email me feedback.

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