Children’s tournament Saturday 7 April

Hi Parents and Students

  • Tournament for Glendowie children under 15 only, including Kubz!
  • Saturday 7 April 2018, 12:30-4:00pm, at Glendowie Primary School
  • An opportunity for your child to try an encouraging tournament without pressure
  • We encourage all students to attend
  • $10 per person, with proceeds to support Glendowie students competing at the World Cup in Sydney
  • Register by emailing

The 2018 Tournament season is fast approaching. With Regionals only a couple of months away, we decided to run a mini-tournament just for our students to allow everyone to get a feel for the events and build confidence! This is open to all children under 15, so please come along and get involved!

The Tournament will be on Saturday the 7th April, from 12:30pm at Glendowie Primary School hall. It will cost $10 per child, and all proceeds will go to Glendowie students who are competing at the World Cup in Sydney this September (donate more if you wish). Please bring cash on the day.

The tournament will have four competition squares, each manned by our friendly and helpful senior students and black belts. Students will be divided into four teams, and to make sure that the joy of winning is spread more evenly amongst everyone, one team will win overall, as opposed to individuals in each event. We will also have a few awards for people who are trying exceptionally hard, showing great sportsmanship, or helping others.

There will be four events (this could change due to numbers in each rank bracket):

Fundamental movements and patterns

  • Mini kids and Kubz will be required to demonstrate single techniques (eg. walking stance middle punch, forearm low block, front snap kick, etc.) and will be assisted by a senior.
  • 9th gup through to 3rd gup will be required to know their own pattern and everything below it (including Four Direction Punch, and Four Direction Block).

Free sparring

  • Kubz, mini kids, and young yellow stripes, will perform NON-contact free sparring. They will be required to show off their kicks and punches, getting as close to their partner as they can without touching them.
  • Yellow belts and above (unless very young) will be doing very light contact free sparring with a partner with sparring gear, which will be closely monitored by a senior to ensure that no one is hurt.

Power test

  • Kubz, mini kids, and 9th gup to 7th gup (inclusive) will be required to punch and possibly kick a pad as far as they can.
  • Green belts and above, will be breaking boards that vary in strength and difficulty to get a feel for what they will have to do at tournaments. They will be required to break with a side piercing kick, and depending on rank and age they may also be asked to perform a front elbow strike.

Special technique

  • Kubz, mini kids, and 9th gup to 7th gup (inclusive) will be doing flying high kick to a pad, aiming to kick as high as they can while the pads get incrementally higher.
  • Green belts and above will perform flying high kick, and flying high side piercing kick.

To register, or if you have any questions, email with the child’s full name, age, grade (belt colour and stripe), and usual class (day, time, location). Instructors will also record registrations in class. 

This is a great event if you are unsure or nervous about tournaments, or if you just want to get some practise before tournaments begin. So come along, have fun, and support our World Cup team for 2018! 

Remember to support your team: 

  • Purple ninjas
  • Blue dragons
  • Red vikings, or
  • Green samurai!


Cameron McGeorge and Thomas Sullivan

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