A children’s class with less talking and more doing

Hi everyone

I received feedback from a parent that the videos so far were too long, and her child lost interest between watching and doing. We did this because parents who are helping their children will need guidance about how to help and what to correct.

This class is all about doing. There is one video that tells you what to do, and after each instruction, you should pause and train. You can watch the video now, or you can read the class instructions below the video – and get going!

Record a video of yourself, and add it to our Facebook page and Facebook group.

Send your feedback to Master Banicevich.

  1. Warm up (~10 minutes) – fundamental movements as spot technique or linework (forward and backward in your space). Do one minute each of:
    1. Walking stance front punch (high, middle and low);
    2. Walking stance forearm low block (forearm low block, knifehand low block);
    3. Walking stance inner forearm middle block;
    4. L-stance middle guarding block (forearm, knifehand);
    5. L-stance inner forearm middle block;
    6. Walking stance flat fingertip thrust;
    7. Walking stance forearm rising block;
    8. L-stance knifehand side strike;
    9. Walking stance knifehand side block (middle, high);
    10. Walking stance reverse knifehand strike;
    11. L-stance twin forearm block.
  2. Basic kicks (~10 minutes) – as spot technique or linework (forward and backward in your space). If you can’t do high kicks well, do low and middle kicks only. Do one minute each of:
    1. Walking stance front rising kick;
    2. Walking stance front snap kick (low, middle);
    3. Sitting stance side rising kick;
    4. L-stance side front snap kick (low, middle);
    5. L-stance turning kick (low, middle, high);
    6. L-stance side turning kick (low, middle, high);
    7. L-stance side piercing kick (low, middle, high);
    8. L-stance back piercing kick (low, middle, high);
    9. L-stance downward kick;
    10. L-stance reverse turning kick (low, middle, high).
  3. Patterns (~10 minutes) – perform both four-direction exercises and all of your patterns at least three times each, with good stances and sine wave, good crossing and strong power:
    1. Saju-jirugi (four-direction punch);
    2. Saju-makgi (four-direction block);
    3. Chon-Ji;
    4. Dan-Gun;
    5. Do-San;
    6. etc.
  4. Step sparring (~10 minutes) – perform your step sparring alone (attack and defence), perform each sequence 5 times before changing, then perform the set 5 times (at least three different sequences).
  5. Free sparring drills (~10 minutes) – perform each of the following free sparring drills for 2 minutes each:
    1. Basic footwork – forwards, backwards, left, right, switch sides;
    2. Shifting with two punches (forwards, backwards);
    3. Shift front leg side kick, pendulum, two punches;
    4. Shift front leg side kick, pendulum, back piercing kick;
    5. Shift front leg side kick, pendulum, back piercing kick, pendulum, rear leg turning kick, pendulum, two punches.
  6. Warm down and stretch.

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