A children’s class for the end of March

Hi Everyone

It’s time for this week’s children’s class. Today we’ll work on patterns, three-step sparring, and free sparring footwork. Practise the contents of each video for 10-15 minutes (60 minute or 90 minute class).

Let’s start with a warm up. This warm up also gives student the opportunity to practise basic movements from their four direction exercises and patterns.

Now let’s practise patterns. Depending upon how many you know, do each one 2-5 times. This should take about 10 minutes.

Next is three-step sparring alone. Practise each sequence at least 6 times (attack and defence). Don’t rush. Good stances, and good technique – each repetition, try to get better than the last. Try to work on something in particular each time you repeat it.

Time to have some fun with a cushion. Let’s work on some kicks. You can do any of your basic kicks. We do front snap kick, turning kick, side piercing kick, back piercing kick, and reverse turning kick. Be careful!

Now let’s work on some free sparring footwork, and some punching drills. You can use Mum or Dad’s hands as targets, or perform these alone.

Finally, let’s stretch off, and complete our mini-kids handbooks. Good work everyone!

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