A children’s class for 6 April 2020

Hi Everyone

In today’s class, we’ll work on core strength, balance, guarding blocks, saju jirugi or Dan-Gun, and some blood-warming padwork!

We’ll need two people for the warm up, so ask Mum or Dad to do it with you. It will be good for their core, too!

Next we’ll work on some balance exercises. The sequence gets progressively harder, so young students could spend more time on the earlier exercises and skip some of the later ones, while older or more experienced students might skip the first two exercises.

Now we’ll work on our L-stance guarding blocks (forearm and knifehand middle blocks). We’ll need Mum or Dad and a cushion. Practise this range of exercises for about 10 minutes.

We’ll need Mum or Dad and a cushion for this. First we demonstrate the basic movements for Mum or Dad (punches, front snap kick, turning kick, side piercing kick, back piercing kick and downward kick). Then you will do 3 or 4 rounds of between 1 and 2 minutes each moving around and hitting the pad as Mum or Dad call the shots.

Let’s spend 10 minutes on patterns. White belt and yellow stripes practise four direction punch (and four direction block and Chon-Ji, if you know them). Yellow belts and above will focus on Dan-Gun, and perform all of their other patterns as well.

Now it’s time to warm down with a light stretch, and complete our mini-kids handbook – particularly the thing Mum and Dad want us to improve at home!

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