Children’s class 15 April 2020

Hi Everyone

In this class, we ask you to put a sequence of videos on a big screen, and train along with the videos. Less talking, just do.

The final two videos are from an earlier class. Our children had an upset between videos, and we were unable to finish the class, unfortunately. Our apologies. What is it professional filmmakers say about working with children and animals?

I hope you enjoy the class.

  1. Warm up;
  2. Saju jirugi and saju makgi;
  3. Basic kicks – you’ll need a chair for this;
  4. Speed kicks – you’ll need a napkin or handkerchief for this;
  5. Free sparring footwork;
  6. Warm down, stretch and syllabus books.

Warm up

Fundamental movements for saju jirugi, saju makgi and Chon-Ji, and the sequences

Basic kicks – you will need a chair for this – turning kick and side piercing kick (after the video runs out, do about 10 more side piercing kicks each leg)

Speed kicks – you will need a napkin or a handkerchief for this, and someone to drop it for you (or you can watch the purple napkin in the video as your start signal)

Free sparring footwork – this video starts with an explanation from Master Banicevich, and then works on the drills with children

Warm down, stretch, and syllabus books (note that your virtual classes during COVID-19 lockdown also count towards your class count for grading)

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