Training twice per week and moving classes

Hi Parents

I’ve received a few requests, particularly from parents of 5-9yos, about training twice per week instead of once. We can accommodate you! Training twice per week costs $65/month. Simply email or talk with Master Banicevich.

  • If older Kubz want to train twice per week, they are welcome to attend Saturday morning, and Monday or Tuesday at 5pm-6pm (Churchill Park School).
  • If 6-8yos want to train twice per week, they can train Monday and Tuesday 5pm-6pm (Churchill Park School).
  • Most 8-12yos and above train twice per week. 8-12yos can choose classes most convenient to them:
    • Monday 6pm-7pm at Glendowie Primary School
    • Tuesday 6pm-7pm at Churchill Park School
    • Wednesday¬†6pm-7pm at Glendowie Primary School
    • Thursday 5pm-6pm at Churchill Park School

When is the right time to move to the next age group’s class?¬†

When you and your child are ready. There is no requirement to move at a particular age.

We recommend that you try the next class a couple of times, and if your child is ready, then make the move permanent. If your child is not ready, return to the class they enjoy best.


Master Banicevich.

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