Bring a friend, and get a free handbook if they join!

Hi Students

A new year is about to begin – normal classes resume on 3 February.

Bring a friend along – now is a great time to start a new activity, and there is nothing better than International Taekwon-Do!

If you friend joins before 14 March 2020, you will get a free Taekwon-Do book (value $20 each, one book for each friend who joins). Choose from the following:

  • Self-defence handbook, coloured belt syllabus;
  • Gup syllabus handbook (coloured belts up to black stripe);
  • Gup syllabus handbook for kids;
  • White belt syllabus handbook (our new handbook with complete photographs and descriptions);
  • Pattern workout book (describes every movement in every Taekwon-Do pattern);
  • Kids syllabus handbook;
  • Black belt syllabus handbook.

Bring a friend, bring two, bring many! Let’s get our classes pumping, which makes training loads of fun!

Waitangi Day

There are no classes on Thursday 6 February, Waitangi Day. Please attend an alternative class. (Adults are welcome to attend the Wednesday 6pm class at Glendowie Primary School.)


Master Banicevich.

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