IMPORTANT: beginners course and regular classes resume

Hi parents and students

Beginners’ course starts 15 February

Tell your friends – our 2016 beginners’ course starts on 15 February! Parents, why not try Taekwon-Do yourselves? It’s great fun, good for fitness, and for self-defence. Of course, we’ll happy offer discounts to family of existing members.

Our six-week beginners’ course runs 15 February to 21 March, and we have two great locations:

  • Mondays 6pm-7pm at Churchill Park School with Dr Brice Valles, 4th degree black belt
  • Mondays 6pm-7pm at Glendowie Primary School with Mr Master Banicevich, 6th degree black belt

Ages 6 to adults. (Children aged 3-5, come along to our Kubz class, resuming Saturday 6 February.) Registration is essential. You can email me, or register here.

Normal classes resume after Anniversary Day

Our regular classes resume after Anniversary Day. Monday classes will be interrupted by two public holidays in two weeks, so we invite Monday students to attend on Tuesdays instead. The first sessions for each class are:

Children 8 and under and Taekwon-Do Kubz

  • Monday 6-8yos with Mr Stevens, Monday 15 February
    • Please attend classes on Tuesdays 2 and 9 February, 5pm at Churchill Park
  • Tuesday 6-8yos with Mr Styles, Tuesday 2 February
  • Taekwon-Do Kubz (3-6yos), Saturday 6 February

Children 9-12yo

  • Monday/Wednesday 8-12yos with Mr van Heerden, Wednesday 3 February
    • Please attend classes on Tuesdays 2 and 9 February, 5pm at Churchill Park
  • Tuesday/Thursday 9-12yos with Master Banicevich and Mr Robson-Wright, Tuesday 2 February

Adults and BooSquad

  • Tuesday/Thursday 13+yos with Master Banicevich, Tuesday 2 February
  • Boosabum Development Squad, Monday 15 February
    • We will also train 7:45-8:30pm on Thursdays 4 and 11 February, immediately after regular class
    • From 15 February – 21 March, BooSquad will run 7pm-8:30pm, after the Beginners’ Course
    • From 28 March, regular times of Monday 6:15-7:45pm will resume.

I look forward to seeing everyone for a year of fantastic training and Taekwon-Do development!


Master Banicevich.

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