Awesome tournament and free sparring training!

Good morning/afternoon all

  • Don’t miss regional tournament training!
  • World Champion coaches!
  • $5pp per session.
  • MMC, 198 Marua Road Ellerslie
We are gearing up for yet another year of exciting competitions, including the World Cup in Sydney later in the year.
This year we will be running 6 regional trainings in the lead up to Nationals in July. These trainings will be run by multiple World Champions covering all aspects of competition. The coaches this year, to help you get the best out of these training’s, are Mr Kerry McEvoy, Mr Carl van Roon and Miss Kara Timmer, with the help of Miss Bianca Koper and Miss Jessie Hart.
Each training will cost $5 per person which will need to be paid at the beginning of each session before training begins.
We would like to see as many of you as possible benefiting from these trainings, whether it be for competition, grading or just general practice.
Trainings will be held at the MMC on Saturdays from 12pm-2pm. Reminder MMC also has open mats from 2pm-4pm if you wish to do some extra training after.
Training dates are:
  • 7th April
  • 21st April
  • 12th May
  • 2nd June
  • 16th June
  • 30th June
We look forward to seeing you at training.
Miss Kara Timmer
Auckland Coach

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