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Hi everyone

The year is under way with some fantastic events lined up. Try to get to these – register now! (Read the information, because some have minimum age or grade restrictions.)

24 January, Ellerslie, TKD Kubz instructor course. Information / Register.

26 January, Ellerslie, Master Hutton seminar open to all grades. Information / Register.
Regular training is cancelled this day so we can all go to the seminar!

29-31 January, Rotorua, National Camp open to all grades. Information / Register.
Urgent: registrations have closed but some polite talking may get you in!

10 April, 14 August, 12 November – Under 18 Tournament Series. Information.

30 April-1 May, Ellerslie, International Umpires Seminar open to black stripe and above. Information / Register.

9-10 July, Tauranga, National Championships. Information.

6-11 September, Benidorm Spain, 3rd ITF Instructors Convention. Information.

13-16 October, Budapest Hungary, ITF World Cup. Information.


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